Donate a musical instrument to Music4Life

Many people have long-unused musical instruments in their garages or attics. Every six, eight, ten years, when they get ready to move again, they look at that old trombone, violin or clarinet, and ask themselves, “Why am I still carting this instrument around?”

Still, Music4Life understands that some people have precious memories of their used musical instruments. We don’t want a reluctant giver. What we do want are donors who appreciate the unique value of instrumental music in the life of a child — and who want all children, regardless of family need, to have it. And to get the benefits of a full, basic education guaranteed by the state constitution. We want donors who understand that the highest and best use of a long- unused musical instrument is to put it back into play.

Musical instruments come to us that are ten, twenty, fifty years old or more. Music4Life gets discounts from preferred local music repair shops for the professional analysis and repair of these musical instruments, if they can be repaired. Many can be. We’ll send you a thank you letter that also can be used for your tax purposes.

If you have a lovingly used musical instrument — or know someone who does — please click on the link below, download the Donor Form, fill it out and put it into the case with the case with the instrument.

Thank You for helping make the educational benefits of participation in instrumental music activities available to all our children!

Donate Your Instrument

Please download the form by clicking the button below. After printing the Music4Life Donor Form, fill it out, put the completed form in the case with the instrument and drop them off at your nearest Kennelly Keys Music store (for locations, just click on their link at the bottom of the digital form). If you live south of downtown Seattle, an alternative is to drop them off at a Ted Brown Music store in Tacoma (locations also available by clicking on the Ted Brown name at the bottom of the digital form). An alternative is the Ted Brown Music store located in the U-District at 50th and Roosevelt. Please do not use any other of our vendor/partners unless we advise you otherwise.

Once we get the report from the repair shop, we’ll be glad to e-send you a thanks letter that you also can use for your tax purposes.

It is the policy of Music4Life to collect and store only personal information that our you knowingly provide. Read our privacy policy here.