Music4Life to Benefit Everett Public Schools

Music4LifeTM is starting a new program to provide ready-to-play musical instruments to students attending Everett Public Schools. The announcement comes from Dr. Gary Cohn, Everett Superintendent, and David Endicott, President/COO of Music4Life.

“We’re delighted to launch this new partnership with Music4Life for our kids in the Everett Public Schools,” Superintendent Cohn says. “As we re-establish strings at our elementary schools and a full orchestra program in the district, and we continue to seek ways to make our remarkable band programs accessible to children whose families cannot afford instruments, Music4Life comes to our aid. The Music4Life folks will make it possible for many more of our students to gain the thrill of fully participating in a band or orchestra without worrying about where they will get an instrument. Bravo to David Endicott and the Music4Life team!”

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Starbucks Donates Tang Drums

tang_drumThis is one of four Tang (Chinese) drums donated to Music4Life by the coffee giant Starbucks. We’re looking for a school that has a special appreciation for Chinese music and can use four original Chinese-made Tang drums.

Double-Bass to Edmonds Schools

double-bassThis 3/4 double-bass was presented in September to Edmonds Public Schools. The hard-to-find instrument was donated by Kathy Bloomerand her husband Ed Weinberger as they were downsizing from their Wedgewood-area home. Kathy said to use the instrument wherever we wanted. It’s an example of how Music4Lifebrings added value to schools and school districts by providing instruments they never would have found. Shown with the double-bass is Dave Wilson, Co-Owner of Hammond Ashley Violins in Issaquah, who did the work on the instrument.



143 Instruments Delivered Last Year

Music4Life helped 143 students in need with the delivery of ready-to-play musical instruments across our five school district-based programs during the 2015-16 school year. The instruments had an estimated retail value of $102,323. Each instrument has an expected life of five to ten years, so other students will benefit in future years, as well.