Music4Life to Benefit Everett Public Schools

The “Everett Music4Life™ Booster Club” is led by Everett resident Jane Webber and will be responsible for ongoing local fund raising to sustain the effort. Other booster club members include Deputy Superintendent Joyce Stewart, Dr. Mark Valentine, Carol Wheeler, North Middle School music teacher Emily Cheever, Rick Bowen, Mark Wilder, Myrna Overstreet and Georgia Lindquist. Others who care about “kids,” “education” or instrumental music” are welcome.

“We’re delighted to launch this new partnership with Music4Life for our kids in the Everett Public Schools,” Superintendent Gary Cohn says. “As we re-establish strings at our elementary schools and a full orchestra program in the district, and we continue to seek ways to make our remarkable band programs accessible to children whose families cannot afford instruments, Music4Life comes to our aid. The Music4Life folks will make it possible for many more of our students to gain the thrill of fully participating in a band or orchestra without worrying about where they will get an instrument.”

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Gary Cohn, Everett Public Schools Superintendent