Music Education in Seattle Public Schools

Seattle Public Schools is a diverse family of schools, serving 45,800 students in a dynamic, standards-based learning community. The Seattle school district is the largest public school system in Washington, and the 44th largest in the United States. Music4Life™ will begin by serving schools with immediate needs and high numbers of students on “Free and Reduced Lunch” (FRL)*, and then expand to serving schools district-wide. Most schools with high FRL rates are in southeast and southwest Seattle.

Seattle Public Schools Visual and Performing Arts Goal: To build a comprehensive and equitable arts education program that fosters every child’s creative capacities, and that is:

  • Available to all students at all schools, regardless of income
  • Aligned between grades, so that students follow a clear progression as they master skills
  • Consistent with Washington State’s Arts standards
  • Supported by parents, teachers, and community
  • Sustainable, with public and private funding

We are acquiring musical instruments, supplies and other resources from members of Rotary clubs throughout the Seattle area and from other citizens who understand the value of music in a child’s life. We work with instrument manufacturers, rental agencies, wholesalers, retailers, and others around the world who have access to serviceable musical instruments. Anyone who loves music and believes in music education for all children can join the effort!

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Contact Us

David Endicott
President, Music4Life

422 First Avenue West #101
Seattle, WA 98119

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