The Benefits of Music Education

Music4Life” means different things to different people. To children, learning to play a musical instrument is a meaningful activity — it’s fun and it builds relationships that can last a lifetime. To youth, music opens up the world —its history and its many cultures — and provides opportunities for teamwork and meaningful forms of self-expression. Educators know that music benefits students academically, especially in mathematics, science, history, and world languages. Our community understands that music education helps a person lead a richer, fuller, more meaningful life — and an arts-rich community is a more desirable place to live.

What does research tell us about the benefits of music education?

Powerful Learning through the Arts (Seattle Arts Education Consortium) – A local documentary about the connection between arts education and success in school.

Benefits of Arts Education (League of American Orchestras) – The benefits of music education: Success in society; success in school and learning; success in developing intelligence; and success in life.

Education Watch (MusicCares/Grammy Recording Academy) – News topics on education and advocacy.

Music Education Equals Brain Power (VH1 Save the Music Foundation) – Studies link music education to brain development and academic success.

Twelve Benefits of Music Education (Children’s Music Workshop) – Early musical training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning.