Music4Life™ benefits from the financial support of corporations, foundations, government agencies, individuals, service organizations and others who care about “kids,” “instrumental music” or “education.” If you have contributed and need a donation letter for inclusion on your tax return, please contact us.

We hold fundraisers throughout the year and work closely with our community-based chapters comprised of local community leaders to produce other local events. Coordinating with our chapters, we hold fundraising events that support our mission throughout the year.

We are largely dependent on donors who give us used musical instruments. If you have a trumpet, clarinet, flute, violin or other musical instrument and realize that its “highest and best use” may be to put it back into play, please contact us or refer to our musical instrument donation page . We also are glad to accept financial donations of up to $200 — or more, if needed — to repair these instruments.

The Music4Life fiscal year mirrors that of our public schools, starting on September 1st and ending the following August 31st. Whenever a single year is referenced (such as “2017”), it means ending August 31, 2017.

Oversight of Music4Life is by an independent Governing Board of prominent local volunteers. Financial resources are used to repair donated musical instruments and pay for such things as the printing of brochures and other documents, filing fees, accounting and tax services, production of our digital newsletter called Quarter Notes, insurance, travel to pick-up and deliver instruments, and other costs for producing the Music4Life initiative.

Annual Reports The annual reports of Music4Life provide detailed information about our growth and activities during the previous school year.