Total Instruments Delivered
Music4Life™ is off to another fast start this fiscal year with 163 donated and repaired full-sized musical instruments having been delivered to our ten public school districts for use by students qualifying for free school meals. That's nearly half the 334 instruments delivered all of last year in just the first quarter. The total "fair market value" of these 163 instruments, plus 1,400 recorders to Highline Schools and 2,417 harmonicas to six school districts is $82,074. All instrument values are according to our independent third-party experts.

New Program for Marysville
We've added another new school district-based program serving the students of Marysville Public Schools. Heartily endorsed by Marysville Superintendent Jason Thompson, the Marysville Music4Life Booster Club is led by Chair Lee Hudson, Secretary Amy Kiffe and Development Director Deanna Hudson (Lee's wife). About 15 other community activists complete the booster club. Instrumental music teacher James Orr has been appointed as the Superintendent's representative to Marysville Music4Life and has already begun receiving musical instruments.

Des Moines / Normandy Park Rotary Check
Club President Connor Talbott (left) of Des Moines / Normandy Park Rotary presented the club's annual donation to Music4Life at a November club meeting. The funds are used to benefit instrumental music students attending Highline Public Schools and are the product in part of the Highline Music4Life Booster Club. Instruments are distributed to each participating public school district based on the relative financial productivity of their booster clubs.

Harmonicas Donated
As we go around speaking to various service organizations, occasionally we're asked whether we get any unusual musical instruments donated. Surely counted among them would be the 2,417 new, boxed harmonicas we received in December from Ron Bloom (right) of Newport in south Bellevue. Total value is $12,085. Kennelly Keys Music delivered 1,056 to Highline Public Schools; 594 to Shoreline P.S.; 200 each to Edmonds, Kent & Northshore P.S.; and 150 to Marysville P.S., based in part on the relative financial productivity of each of their Music4Life booster clubs. Neil Stafford of Kennelly Keys tells us that harmonicas are great beginner instruments for very young students. "If I didn’t have a harmonica program, I’d sure start one with the gift of these instruments," he says.

Two Baby Grand Pianos
Two baby grand pianos are in-process of delivery this month. One is going to Evergreen High School in the Highline School District and the other to the Auburn School District. Others may be made available to our other public school districts as they become available in the coming months. In order to accept any piano, it has to be professionally inspected for playability, a dolly has to be acquired so it can easily be moved from classroom to classroom, moving has to be scheduled and the piano has to be tuned after it has sat in its new environment for a month or so. These are additional expenses and can easily add up to $1,500 and are normally paid by the piano donor.